How Can Air Freight Help Your Business?

At TKL Logistics we have an extensive experience of air freight. Thanks to our global network of partners we can find solutions for joint loadings all over the world. Through our offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan we organize the joint loadings ourselves. Thanks to our great in-house knowledge we always find the optimal solution for each situation and make sure that your transports are cost efficient. 

Air freight is the fastest way of transporting goods long distances. For smaller shipments it can also be the cheapest alternative. Since TKL Logistics is a global actor which handles large volumes we are eligible for discounts from global courier corporations which will in turn reduce the price for you. If your freight is very time sensitive we can also help you arrange an express transport that enables delivery within two to three days.

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    Digital Logistics and Freight Management in Your Hands

    As our client you get access to our innovative platform, TKL Client Portal. There you can compare prices and book your freights, manage important freight documents and view the current status of your ongoing transports. Experience full control with digitalized logistics and freight management that keeps you updated with real-time information. TKL Client Portal makes your processes easier and your transport chain more profitable. 

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    Global Presence With Air Freight

    Global air freight is an effective mean of transportation if you need to ship your goods a long way in short time. When you partner with TKL Logistics you get to take part of our big network of offices and partners all over the world. We manage large volumes and are thanks to this eligible for discounts from global courier corporations. You no longer need to be in contact with numerous different carriers – when you partner with us we are the only contact you need for your global air freight.

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