A Control Tower for Your Transports

As a client to TKL Logistics, you can look at us as your single point of contact control tower for all your transports. We control the whole process and manage all the paperwork for you, such as customs clearance and customs transit procedures. In other words, we offer a complete solution allowing you to rest assured that your goods will be brought all the way from your supplier to your door without any hassle.

TKL Logistics is a global actor with several offices in Asia and partners all over the world. This enables us to offer the optimal transportation solutions to our clients. Our main focus areas are Asia and Europe and our company possess a profound knowledge and understanding of global logistical flows.

We strive for close cooperation with our client’s suppliers in order to ensure that goods are dispatched at the right time. Quality and accuracy are key words for our operations. We help you to find complete solutions, from order monitoring at the supplier to final delivery. No matter if you need to transport a full container, LCL, or want a small package delivered swiftly, we will find the right solution for you.

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Means of Transportation

Rail Freight

Being speedier than the ocean route, rail freight is an interesting choice for shipping goods from China to Sweden.

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Ocean Freight

When a low shipping cost and reliability are your top priorities, ocean freight is your best alternative.

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Air Freight

Sometimes the lead time is what matters the most. When you are short of time, air freight is the given choice.

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Road Freight

Experience reliable road freight suited to your needs. Reliable and secure logistics is what drives our business.

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Simple All the Way

By contracting TKL Logistics you get a complete solution that includes everything from an initial analysis, to the delivery at your door. We help you to have control over your transports and manage all the paperwork for you, including customs clearance.

Free Analysis

With our unique analysis system we provide a comprehensive view of your company's current freight costs, which are then compared to a transportation solution from TKL Logistics.

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Client Portal

As our client you have access to a modern client portal where you can easily communicate, make adjustments, and get a complete overview of your freight transports.

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