How Can Our Transport Solutions Help Your Business?

When you partner with TKL Logistics, we are your single point of contact. You can think of us as a control tower for all your transports. We administer the whole process and manage all the paperwork for you, such as customs clearance and customs transit procedures, so that you instead can focus on the core of your business. We bring your goods all the way from your supplier to your door and can offer you a complete solution that you can be confident with. With our global network of partnerships we can always offer our clients the best transport solutions.

We always strive for close cooperation with our client’s suppliers in order to ensure that goods are dispatched at the right time. Quality and accuracy are key words for how we run our operations with your daily logistics. We help you to find complete transport solutions for your goods, from the first order monitoring at the supplier to the final delivery. No matter if you need to transport a full container, LCL, or want a small package delivered swiftly, we will find the right solution for you and your business.

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    Digital Logistics and Freight Management in Your Hands

    As our client you get access to our innovative platform, TKL Client Portal. There you can compare prices and book your freights, manage important freight documents and view the current status of your ongoing transports. Experience full control with digitalized logistics and freight management that keeps you updated with real-time information. TKL Client Portal makes your processes easier and your transport chain more profitable. 

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