All Transport Management – One Platform

Welcome to logistics as it should be. With our digital logistics system TKL Client Portal you gain full insight and can maintain full control over all your cargo all over the world. With a modern and user-friendly interface you can compare costs for different shipping methods, book freights and manage your documents. In the meantime you have round-the-clock access to real-time information regarding all relevant aspects of your freight. This means that – all things considered – you are easily able to book, manage and follow up your freights through one single platform. On top of that you always have your own personal contact within TKL Logistics one phone call away.

Stay Updated

Access real-time information regarding your shipments 24 hours a day. You have full control all the way from point A to point B.

Compare and Book Freights

Simply compare all eligible shipping methods and choose the solution suiting your needs the most.

Manage Freight Documents

Gather all your important freight documents within a single platform. With TKL Client Portal you can effortlessly upload and manage your freight documents, such as receipts and packaging slips.

Discover the simplicity with TKL Client Portal

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