It is Easy to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We help you calculate your transport emissions and support you in reducing the emissions by up to 100 %. This way, you’re not only contributing to a sustainable world, but also strengthening your brand and competitiveness in an increasingly climate-conscious market.

Efficient Consolidation

Through controlled and efficient cargo management, we ensure that your transports are co-loaded. Goods from different actors are consolidated to optimize the fill rate, reducing the need for additional transport. Through this, we consequently decrease emissions.

Compare Freight Options

When you book your transports in the TKL Portal, you immediately get various freight options and can easily choose the one with the lowest climate impact.

Analyze and Calculate the Supply Chain

We offer a complete analysis of your supply chain for environmental impact optimization. By consolidating your transports in the TKL Portal, you can easily generate an environmental report with a few clicks.

Transition to Sustainable Fuels

The transportation industry is undergoing renewal, and environmentally friendly fuel alternatives are increasingly being used. Through book and claim of sustainable fuel insetting, you can easily opt for more sustainable transports and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

A Global CO2 Challenge

The transportation sector plays a critical role in the transition to a greener future. Emissions from transports need to be reduced by 20 % by 2030 to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050. [1]

8 Billion Tons

The transportation sector emitted nearly 8 billion tons of CO2 globally in 2022 [2].

22 Percent

This corresponds to 22 % of global emissions [3].

Global CO2 Emissions from Transportation by Subsector in the Net Zero Scenario, 2000-2030 [3].

[1] International Organization for Standardization, Towards a net-zero logistics sector, 2023

[2] International Energy Agency, Transport 2023

[3] International Energy Agency, CO2 emissions in 2022

Calculate Your Emission Scopes

The foundation of a successful climate strategy involves carefully monitoring, allocating, and calculating your impact. Your company’s greenhouse gas emissions can be both direct and indirect and are divided into emission scopes.

Interested in Sustainable Transport Solutions?

Take control of your supply chain and enjoy streamlined freight handling with the TKL Portal. Welcome to a new era of efficient and smart logistics.

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