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With our unique analysis system we create an overall estimate of your current freight costs and compare them with the costs of a solution from TKL. Since TKL is a neutral part and is not bound to any specific actor we can always find the optimal and most cost efficient arrangement. When you partner with TKL you get a complete solution, where everything from the initial analysis to the delivery at your door is included. We help you gain full control over your transportations and we manage all your paperwork, including customs clearance.

When you allow us to do a freight analysis of your logistic and transportation flows we take all provided information in account. The result is presented in a table that clearly illustrates your current costs in comparison to a solution from TKL. This way, you can easily see in black and white how much money you can save by partnering with us. 

With every freight arrangement we also conduct an environmental impact assessment with approximately 15 different parameters compiled in a table, where you can compare how the different transportation methods will effect the environment. With this your decision-making progress can include data that compares the environmental aspects of your transportations.

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    Digital Logistics and Freight Management in Your Hands

    As our client you get access to our innovative platform, TKL Client Portal. There you can compare prices and book your freights, manage important freight documents and view the current status of your ongoing transports. Experience full control with digitalized logistics and freight management that keeps you updated with real-time information. TKL Client Portal makes your processes easier and your transport chain more profitable. 

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    In order to have the most qualitative transportation solutions within ocean, road, train, air and carrier you need to cooperate with lots of different transporters.

    When you partner with TKL Logistics we are the only contact you need.

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