I do not have time to wait for a sea transport to arrive, but the flight is too expensive. Is there any other alternative?

Yes, the train! Trains from China takes about 24 days door to door and have a price range between sea and air. In addition to this, it has almost as low carbon dioxide emissions as the boat, making it a faster and more environmentally friendly alternative that has a lower cost than air freight.

How does rail freight work?

Trains are faster than boats and cheaper than flights. The train from China takes about 24 days door to door and generates a carbon dioxide emission of 15 grams per kilogram of goods. Since the train operators have become very keen on the goods to be delivered in good condition and in time, the reliability of rail freight has become very high. Large investments in infrastructure are also being made, as this is seen as the new way of transportation. This is due to its relatively low transport time and low price compared to the more traditional transport methods.

Rail freight always takes place through the delivery condition EXW with TKL and we take responsibility for the entire transport from your supplier to your door. This includes collection, documentation, customs clearance, export licenses and delivery. We can also arrange for the insurance on your behalf.

ETA represents the day the goods are expected to arrive at the delivery address to which the consignment is booked.

How does rail freight work?
  1. You place an order with your supplier and determine the delivery terms.
  2. When the goods are ready for shipment, your supplier needs to place a booking to the local TKL office in the exporting country.
  3. We in turn will confirm the booking with you, keep an eye out for these emails from your operational contact person, as no booking is made without your approval. Once you have accepted the booking, we will notify the TKL office in the exporting country.
  4. The booking is updated in the customer portal.
  5. Make sure that you insure the goods
  6. After departure, TKL needs to receive an Invoice and Pack List. No customs clearance can be made without these documents.
  7. During the train journey, ETA can change, we will keep you updated through the customer portal.
  8. TKL will contact you to decide on the date of delivery together
  9. When the goods are unloaded at the terminal, it can be delivered in one of the following ways:

(I) You have a FCL container, this can be booked directly to you.

(II) You have a FCL container, but you cannot receive a container. This will then get unloaded by TKL and sent on by truck on pallets.

(III) You have an LCL, which is then driven to the TKL’s terminal for unloading, before being sent by truck

Remember, you have to pay the supplier in order for us to deliver the goods to you.