The interest for the climate and eco-friendliness is growing – not only in society, but also within national and global businesses. We are also seeing a development of regulations and policies regarding the impacts companies have on the climate. With this in mind we, TKL Logistics, are determined to participate on the path towards a more sustainable transport- and logistics industry. Therefore, we have created a new tool for our customers – which we hope can be beneficial for everyone, even if you just started to think about how to contribute to a more sustainable future or already have internalized sustainability.

You are now able to find this tool in our customer portal. The tool offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the carbon emissions of your transports. Our objective is to effectively assist you in reaching your environmental goals.

The new functionalities we have launched do not only report your shipments’ amount of carbon emissions but also, the carbon emissions for each individual mode of transport during the last year. Additionally, you will now be able to see how much carbon emissions per kilogram of cargo that has been generated by the different modes of transport. Our aim is to simplify the process of monitoring the carbon emissions on a shipment level. We are hoping that these statistics will be useful for you in both smaller and bigger sustainability decisions your company is facing.

Below we are providing some examples of how the statistics are presented in the customer portal.

Carbon emissions for each mode of transport

This pie chart presents the carbon emissions divided by the different modes of transport. If you want to aim towards more environmentally friendly transports our recommendation is to increase the percentage of sea and/or train transports. Then you will see how it will make up for most of the pie chart. In addition, for bigger shipments sea and train transports are often cheaper than air and courier solutions. I.e. viable both from an environmental and economic perspective.

Carbon emissions for each kilogram of cargo

This chart presents how much carbon emission per kilogram of cargo that your shipments are generating. You can see that cargo shipped by sea and train is generating less carbon emissions in relation to the other modes of transport.

Carbon emission on a monthly basis

The bars in the diagram display your number of shipments each month. The horizontal line across the bars presents the carbon emissions generated by these shipments.

Why are the measurement tools important?

The majority of all carbon emissions are caused by the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas. Hence, transport is a large contributor to the increased amount of carbon emissions. By providing you with these carbon emission measurements we are hoping to support you in the evaluation of your carbon footprint.

We also believe that this can be used as a foundation for both potential changes, but also to show the good choices you are already making. Each shipment is unique, where many parameters must be weighed, however, we hope that this environmental report can clarify the aspect of carbon emissions.

In the customer portal you can view the statistics of your own shipments. Do you have any questions or reflections regarding this new tool? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Together we can make a change for the environment.

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